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Version: 1.0.0

URL Triggers

We've made it easy to trigger models via URLs so that you can trigger the models via email campaigns, external links to your site, or to link button to the models using anchor tags.


List of triggers#

Opens the login modal.?view=login
Opens the register modal.?view=register
Opens subscription plan selection modal.?view=plan-select
Opens the gift redemption modal.?view=gift-redeem
Opens the forgot password modal.?view=password-forgot

plan-select URL trigger allows extra variables to specify a specific product & plan, etc...

DescriptionExtra parameter
Set the product ID by adding it as a variable in the URL?product_id={product_id}
Set the plan ID by adding it as a variable in the URL?plan_id={plan_id}
Set the coupon code by adding it as a variable in the URL.?coupon_code={COUPON_CODE}
Set the gift redemption code by adding it as variable in the URL.?gift_code={GIFT_CODE}
Set the gift checkbox, to set the subscription as a gifted one.?is_gift=true

You can combine a trigger with multiple variables in the URL to fulfill your requirements. This is an example of a link that would trigger the select view along with a coupon.