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UiSettings configure properties that enable/disable some features.


Pelcro.uiSettings = {
enableNameFieldsInRegister: false,
skipPaymentForFreePlans: false,
enableReactGA4: false,
enableLoginWithUsername: true,
newsletters: [
{ label: "News A", id: "newsletterA" },
{ label: "News B", id: "newsletterB" }
enableNameFieldsInRegisterEnables the Firstname and Lastname fields in the Register modal if enableNameFieldsInRegister is set to true, disables if not.
skipPaymentForFreePlansWhen a user subscribes to a plan, if skipPaymentForFreePlans is set to true and plan price is 0, then the user will not go through the Payment modal.
enableReactGA4Enables GA4 instead of regular GA for google analytics if enableReactGA4 is set to true, disables if not.
enableLoginWithUsernameEnables logging in by username and updating username in the UserUpdate modal if enableLoginWithUsername is set to true, disables if not.
newslettersEnables you to determine which newsletters you allow your end-users to subscribe to. The newsletters you determine will be synced along into Pelcro and into your ESP of choice. They will also be displayed in the Newsletter Update modal.